UNITI, a non-for-profit organization, is a partnership of Semiahmoo House Society(SHS), Peninsula Estates Housing Society(PEHS), and The Semiahmoo Foundation(TSF) with a shared mission to provide affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity of their community. The sixth storey rental building is a part of redevelopment of property at 15100 Block 20th Avenue in Surrey owned by PEHS and part of a subdivision to consolidate 2 lots.

This project is targeted towards a wide range of demographic including seniors, families, essential workers, first responders, teachers and people with disabilities who want to live close to their work and amenities. Located in the existing fabric of the community it will be providing total of 91 affordable units including 74 new units and 17 replacement units with rents at 10% below market. 14 accessible units and 2 universal units are designed to offer flexibility for residents with mobility challenges.
The development includes also a realignment of a portion of Semiahmoo Heritage Trail from the center of the site to the west side of 151A Street with newly built and landscaped trail according to heritage trail guidelines. Active indoor and outdoor amenity spaces are provided at ground level. The corner plaza design incorporates site furniture as a reference to the Semiahmoo Heritage Trail similar to the trail benches. The asymmetrical arrangement of the plaza furniture creates a dynamic circulation with inviting areas to sit.

The proposed building shoulders 20th Avenue to address a sensitivity of scale towards the single family homes across 20th Avenue. The 4th level roof reduces the scale by breaking up the massing while drawing visual interest horizontally with accented roof lines. Darker cladding on the 5th and 6th stories with lighter cladding on the lower 4 levels will add depth and reduce the visual bulk of the buildings. The building features leaned archways to create rhythm and unity for the units at the lower two floors that read as individual two-storey townhomes.

PEHS will own and operate this building and has decided to name it “Harmony”.

  • Project Type


    Special Needs

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  • Developer / Client

    UNITI c/o Catalyst Community Development Society

  • Energy Rating

    BC Energy Step Code (Step 3)

  • Status

    In Development