Southgate City 2 will be a part of Southgate Community located within Edmonds Town Centre in Burnaby.
In collaboration with the City of Burnaby, Ledingham McAllister and IBI , Integra Architecture is involved in the redevelopment of The Southgate Site (formally Safeway distribution centre). The Master Plan by IBI Group proposes a transformation, over time, of the existing property into a new neighbourhood with diversity of housing types.
Southgate will be developed incrementally over a period of 15-20 years. Each phase will be comprised of a blend of buildings, roads, services, and public amenities.
Five distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own character that is achieved by the uniqueness of its public realm, building typologies and architectural character will create the whole Southgate. Common elements in the public realm and architectural character will tie all neighbourhoods together.

Southgate City 2, a 4-storey building designed by Integra is located in the ‘Courtyard’ Neighbourhood. The building will provide 63 units and will contribute to this diverse community.

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    Ledingham McAllister

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    In Development