240 Mahogany Gardens NW/SW, Cargary, Alberta

Mixed use development as a part of master planned community in Calgary, Westman Village. The project which is phased as Lot 1A with 255 units and Lot B with 268 units, will also offer community amenities, shopping and dining. The architecture of Westman Village is notable for its use of the mid-rise 6-storey wood-frame building form, which is a relatively new building form in Western Canada, and one that can help reduce the ecological footprint associated with constructing taller residential buildings. Key components of this portion of the neighbourhood include the retail street, the pedestrian courtyards, and the restaurant, located at the northern edge of the site along the lake. Although all of the buildings contain similar unit types, the scale of the project suggested a need to create a family of buildings that had distinct, identifiable characters but were related in materials and expression.

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    Jayman Modus

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