402-438 East 3rd Street and 341 St. David’s Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

This project is a five-storey mixed-use development proposed in North Vancouver currently in the Rezoning and OCP Amendment Application stage. The development will become a transit oriented commercial-residential hub in the emerging residential neighbourhood of Moodyville. Moodyville is a neighbourhood undergoing a profound transformation through redevelopment including Founders Block South and North developments currently under construction and designed by Integra Architecture.
The proposal will provide significant public benefits for the community by creating opportunities for local businesses, live-work units, home ownership options for a variety of household sizes in addition to provision of daycare spaces, public realm improvements and opportunities for social interaction. The intention is also to contribute to neighbourhood identity by introducing a distinct architectural landmark.

The project is comprised of two separate buildings facing East 3rd Street located over a shared underground parkade and featuring a central open plaza area with a mid block connection through to the lane on the north side. The third building in the development is located on the north side of the lane adjacent St David’s Avenue. The application proposes closing the portion of the lane to vehicular traffic in order to create a pedestrian and bicycle‐oriented neighbourhood gathering space intended for outdoor patios, cafes and other local commercial uses. The building spans across the lane allowing to connect the structure and circulation to the east wing of the south block. The building break mid-block will serve as a transition between the higher and lower building, while providing views and light to neighbours across the lane to the north. Live-work units are proposed for the west block, providing a transition between commercial and residential uses further west. Three additional live-work units are proposed to front St David’s on the north site. A daycare space is proposed on the 341 St David’s site with an outdoor play space at the north edge adjacent to residential neighbours. A ‘Rent to Own’ program is being considered for some of the residential units, allowing residents to turn approximately two years of rent into a down‐payment. This program will help the work force enter the housing market and help to accumulate equity.

The proposal includes total of 181 units and 28,859 sf of non-residential area to be used as retail, services, cafe, office and daycare space. The development will complement nearby developments in creating a complete community in Moodyville
by introducing the first neighbourhood‐scale commercial uses within walking distance.

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  • Location

    North Vancouver

  • Developer / Client

    Cascadia Green Development

  • Energy Rating

    BC Energy Step Code (Step 3)

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    In Development