• February 12, 2020
  • News

Once again, this year at BUILDEX Vancouver, Melvin Lau represented Integra Architecture as a speaker during one of the educational seminars organized by Passive House Canada and City of Vancouver in the Building to Zero Solutions Centre. The seminar W23 ‘Commercial Scale Passive House Ventilation and Modulating Airflow to Meet the Need’ focused on Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS).

Summary of the seminar:

-Conceptualize and anticipate mechanical layouts in the early stages

-During schematic design discuss with the future operator the maintenance of proposed mechanical systems (ie. changing filters)

-Recommend centralize ventilation units for easier maintenance

-Recommend access to REACT dampers from the corridor side

-Commissioning is a challenge with trunk and branch systems and trades are not used to this left of airtightness. Home run system recommended.

-HRV / ERV able to provide passive cooling during shoulder seasons. Using AC in a passive house during this time would freeze the occupants.

-Consider shaft and damper layout based on orientation (solar heat gain)

Full presentation: