• June 18, 2021
  • News

“Succession II” is new art installation at Cedar Creek community, that features six structural art elements by Canadian artist, Illarion Gallant. This iconic piece incorporates dynamic public art into the pedestrian experience for Cedar Creek homeowners, and the broader Edmonds community.
The sculptures, integrated in to the landscape, will be enhancing the access between Buildings 2 and 3 contributing to an inviting streetscape. The overall artistic expression will solidify the identity of the development and add to the City of Burnaby’s growing public art collection.

“Ilarion Gallant (…) has successfully completed many large scale, site specific, outdoor urban sculpture pieces.(…) The work, highly symbolic, references the connectivity between evolution and the interaction of urban fabric, contemporary landscape and the human passage through the resultant synthesis.”

For more information visit:  http://rusnakgallant.com/art/

The development of Cedar Creek in the Edmonds area of South Burnaby, consist of six (6 storey) multi-family buildings, including 5 buildings designed by Integra Architecture.