Recently completed, Park Station is a mixed-use development located in the rapidly growing Cambie Corridor Area.
The 8-storey concrete building with 50 units and 5 townhomes offers unique floor plans and design features including private roof top decks and landscaped courtyard.

The design of Park Station, as the first new building on its block, had to take into account the integration of its future context. Such elements included the 5-storey Cambie Street datum, transition between building heights and a continuous urban realm.

The Cambie Corridor guidelines required two, 5-storey firewalls on the north and south facades of the building; however, its mass would be recognized as unfriendly and overwhelming in its current context. Since the north property line is located mid-block, a pedestrian connection was proposed setting back the building, reducing the building’s scale, increasing pedestrian activity and helping to activate the laneway. Key elements included the 10′ wide pedestrian right-of-way, open stairs connecting to the upper floors and a 33′ wide courtyard.
In addition, the walkway will provide a number of benefits to local businesses and residents. These benefits include a shared public courtyard connected to the adjacent commercial retail units and for its customers a place to rest.
Two-storey town homes along the north and south frame the space and reduce the scale of the walkway, to create a quiet, landscaped area away from the Cambie Street.

While maintaining a simple form, yet interesting in character, a series of grids integrating the small scale forms to the overall building mass, create the architectural expression. This allows to avoid the repetition of large, over-bearing block facade along Cambie Street. With the majority of the building containing neutral colours, the addition of a single colour highlights and completes the contemporary expression.

The development received Gold LEED rating certification for high-rise building.

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    L & A Real Estate Investment

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    LEED Gold

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