• June 16, 2020
  • News

Integra’s 5-storey rental development with 64 units at Lonsdale Avenue and E26th Street in North Vancouver receives unanimous support from Council during the first virtual Public Hearing held on Jun 15th. CNV like other municipalities has long embraced technology by livestreaming the proceedings on its website. The virtual hearing allowed active participation of everyone interested and in spite of view technical glitches and breaks the meeting was successfully concluded.

Future evictions and relocations of existing tenants in times of Covid-19 pandemic, seemed to be the main concern of the speakers. During the state of emergency evictions are prohibited by the amendments in The Residential Tenancy Act in BC.

City of North Vancouver has an existing ‘Residential Tenant Displacement Policy’  that outlines different measures to support the renters including enhanced notice and financial assistance. Designated by the Developer Coordinator will find alternate units with rents no more than 10 percent above the average rent in CNV for the affected tenants.

Project link : https://integra-arch.com/our-projects/rental-development-lonsdale-ave/